TN HB1927 delta 8 tennessee legislative session 4.13.22Is delta 8 THC legal in Tennessee?
On Wednesday, April 13th 2022, major headway was made for Tennessee’s Hemp Industry and delta 8 THC as an amended HB1927 passed the Tennessee House Criminal Justice Committee. Originally, HB1927 sought to ban any THC greater than .3%. The bill would have effectively outlawed delta-8 THC in Tennessee. Following much public outcry, several amendments have been introduced. These amendments create a clear path forward for Tennessee to become the country’s first state to formally legalize, tax and regulate delta 8 THC.

What amendments have been introduced?
Some amendments include a minimum purchasing age for delta 8 THC (21), packaging requirements and warning labels. Important testing information will also be required for all delta 8 products. Additionally, manufacturers and retailers alike will be required to obtain licenses to legally distribute delta 8 THC. Finally, you guessed it: taxes, man. Yes, amended HB1927 includes an additional 5% sales tax for “products containing a hemp-derived cannabinoid when sold at retail in this state.”

When do new rules take effect?
If HB1927 becomes law, new rules would take effect on January 1, 2023.

What’s Next?
HB1927 passed the Government Operations Committee on 4/25/22 and is item number 20 on the Senate Finance and Ways Committee calendar for 4/26/22 (SB1904).

Public safety and consumer education appear to be at the heart of this legislation and Hemp House is already fully on board. Since inception, it has been our mission to create an open environment of communication where everyone can learn about the benefits of hemp. As it stands, this legislation appears to be a great step forward for Knoxville and Tennessee. Thanks to everyone who spoke up and spoke out to your legislators!

Additional Resources
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